Why was the 17th patient of COVID-19 under control?

Why was the 17th patient of COVID-19 under control?
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     You are probably wondering why the 17th patient infected with COVID-19 in Vietnam and also the first patient infected with COVID19 of Hanoi fell under control at Noi Bai border gate when she returned from the trip. his calendar?

     As you know, all the cases that come back from the epidemic center, such as China or South Korea, have been quarantined as soon as they arrived at the border gate of Vietnam, so over the past time, Vietnam has very well controlled the situation. COVID-19 infection, so the number of people infected with COVID-19 was very low in the previous period.

     However, for European countries, Vietnam only makes immediate quarantine of cases returning from infected countries, other cases when Vietnamese state agencies measure their body temperature, if they do not have symptoms of COVID19, they were allowed to enter Vietnam.

     In the case of female patients, N.H.N. (we are referred to as the 17th patient) to return home, officials at Noi Bai border gate have implemented a medical report for passengers returning from Italy. However, when making a medical report, Ms. N. did not declare herself having been to Italy.

     When the internal officer at the border checkpoint, Ms. N. was completely normal now, so she was allowed to enter Vietnam. And that is the reason that Ms. N escaped from the control of Noi Bai border gate.

     Regarding this patient case, Dr. Khong Minh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Center for Disease Control (CDC Hanoi), said that the 17th Vietnamese Covid-19 case was the first case that Hanoi had imported. Noi Bai airport scene at dawn on 2/3. At this time, Noi Bai border gate officials made a medical declaration for passengers from Italy to Vietnam.

     Upon arrival at the airport, this 17th patient was required to submit a medical report. However, the female passenger (this 17th patient) made an untruthful statement. She confirmed that she only traveled from the UK without going to other countries, thus leading to the neglect of this case. CDC Hanoi officials are responsible for checking medical declarations at the airport.

     Mr. Tuan affirmed, “The true medical declaration is up to the declarers’ awareness. Those who make false statements will have to take responsibility for themselves according to Vietnam’s infectious disease prevention law. “We classify isolation and interview. Passport inspection is the duty of the border police.”

     At the time of entry, the patient did not have a fever, so his body temperature sensor was not detected.

     Dr. Tran Dac Phu, former Director of the Preventive Medicine Department, Senior Expert of the Emergency Response Center (Ministry of Health) of Vietnam also emphasized: If she declares honestly that she has been to Italy, she has a cough, aches and pains… then she will be immediately quarantined.

     To limit these cases of dishonest declaration, the Vietnamese Government has assigned the Ministry of Public Security (the Immigration Force) to coordinate with ministries such as the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (the management force). foreign workers) … coordination and discovery. When they arrived at the locality, the commune and ward authorities had to join in the discovery, even the people were also involved in discovering such cases.

     Also according to Mr. Phu, individuals who have been found guilty of making false medical declarations will have to carry out forced isolation. In addition, this person will be sanctioned for declaring an infectious disease epidemic (prescribed in the Law on Infections, Decree 176 of the Regulation on sanctioning administrative violations in the health domain of Vietnam).

     To prevent Covid-19 from spreading, Noi Bai airport was identified as a strategic gateway where 3 forces together to review passengers on entry, including the international medical quarantine force of the Centers for Disease Control. Disability in Hanoi (CDC Hanoi), Border Security Force (Ministry of Public Security) and Airport Security (ACV).

     According to the regulations of the Vietnamese government, From 6 am on March 7, all passengers entering Vietnam must carry out mandatory medical declarations instead of only some translating countries such as China, South Korea, Italy, Iran …

     The Hanoi People’s Committee has just issued the Notice No. 222 / TB-UBND on March 7, the conclusion of the Chairman of the People’s Committee of Nguyen Duc Chung City, the Head of the Steering Committee for the prevention and control of acute respiratory infections. due to a new strain of corona virus (Covid-19).

     In which, the Hanoi People’s Committee assigns the City Public Security to direct the regional police and the commune police to review and verify all information of the central missions, provinces and cities on business trips from Europe. Europe to Noi Bai International Airport from February 29 to now to monitor.

     In addition, local police actively propagate for cases of students, students going, those from European countries to Hanoi before February 20 must voluntarily declare medical information. and these people need to immediately notify the local authorities.

     According to the Vietnam Ministry of Health by the end of the afternoon on March 9, Vietnam recorded 31 positive cases for Covid-19. Of which 16 people were cured.

(Source: Vietnam Ministry of Health)

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