The situation of death of corona virus in China and our actions

The situation of death of corona virus in China and our actions
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Reuters quoted information from the Chinese national television station today said, at the “outbreak” of Hubei, yesterday alone, only 64 more people died from the new corona virus (nCoV) causing pneumonia. This is the highest number of deaths in the day since the outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China late last year.

Also yesterday, Hubei recorded 2,345 new cases, bringing the total number of new cases in the province to 13,522. Thus, as of this morning, the world has had 426 deaths (only 1 death outside China is in the Philippines) and 19,852 cases of nCoV, of which mainly in China.

In Wuhan, the capital of Hubei and the nCoV epidemic, there were 48 more deaths alone yesterday. To date, Wuhan has had 313 deaths because of nCoV.

Data on corona virus (updated as of 4/2). Source: SCMP

Place Number of infections Number of dead
Around the world 19.852  426
Chinese mainland 19.550 425
Hong Kong  15  
Macao  8  
Taiwan 10  
Europe 21  
North America 15  
Oceania 12  
Other places 7  

The coronary pneumonia outbreak has now spread to at least 25 countries and territories around the world despite measures to prevent outbreaks from canceling flights to close borders with travelers from the epidemic region in China.

The Standing Committee of the Chinese Politburo yesterday voiced its omission in responding to the nCoV epidemic. Xinhua published an editorial that read: “The Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo requests the improvement of the national emergency management apparatus after the shortcomings and difficulties in the application process. epidemic, need to promote market surveillance, prohibit wildlife trade. “

At the February 3 meeting of the Chinese Politburo, Chinese General Secretary and President Xi Jinping emphasized that outbreak control will affect the stability of the entire economy, society as well as the opening of China “.

(Source: Reuters)

Clip about corona virus strain from WHO

In Vietnam, the Ministry of Health recommends the following:

1. Persons who have contact with an infected / suspected person with nCov (short name of Corona virus) within 14 days must notify local health facilities.

2. People in close contact with patients / suspected to have nCov disease must wear a mask and limit contact with others.

3. Currently there is an epidemic of nCov, people often wash their hands with soap, clean items with regular detergents; Wear a mask when going to public places, on vehicles.

4. Currently there is an epidemic of nCov, people do not travel to China and restrict travel to other countries where nCov is epidemic.

5. People only wear a medical mask in the following cases:

5.1.When contacting, caring for an infected or suspected nCov virus infection.

5.2. When taking care of or having close contact with someone who has symptoms of respiratory disease such as cough, shortness of breath, runny nose …

5.3. When assigned to self-monitor, isolate at home or when visiting ask, examine and treat at medical examination and treatment facilities.

6. Healthy people who do not have symptoms of respiratory diseases only need to wear a cloth mask when going to crowded areas, on public transport.
7. The World Health Organization recommends wearing a mask when not designated to cause waste, and may create a “virtual” peace of mind, which bypasses important protective measures such as: washing hands with soap, personal hygiene, toiletries, utensils.

(Source: Vietnam Ministry of Health)

Countries where Coronavirus has spread
Countries where Coronavirus has spread (Source: Worldometer)

For the health of yourself and the community, it is recommended that you strictly follow the above recommendations to prevent and prevent the spread of diseases to the community.

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