The secret to increasing resistance against corona virus

The secret to increasing resistance against corona virus
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     Eat what? DRINK What? to increase resistance against CORONA virus ???

     Currently, the pandemic due to the corona virus is raging and has claimed the lives of more than 400 globally with 27 countries affected so far (WHO statistics). So how to improve the body, increase other body’s resistance to this disease?

     The best defense is to increase the resistance of the body to be able to kill this strange virus right from entering the body as well as when it has caused the disease.

     Helps strengthen the body mainly by increasing vitamin C, eating foods containing high levels of vitamin C. Eating the following foods will help increase your body’s resistance:

1. Eat citrus fruits

2. Broccoli

     Includes: vitamins A, C, E, fiber and other antioxidants

3. Garlic

     Helps reduce blood pressure, slow down the hardening of the arteries. In addition, garlic also contains a lot of vitamin C.

4. Ginger

     Food that enhances the body’s immune system. In addition, ginger helps reduce inflammation, reduce pain, help prevent and treat other inflammatory diseases.

5. Turmeric

     Has a resistance effect. In addition, the high curcumin content in turmeric also helps fight the flu.

6. Spinach (spinach)

     Helps increase resistance because this vegetable is not only rich in vitamin C, but also contains lots of antioxidants and beta carotene. These are substances that help to increase the anti-inflammatory ability of the immune system and increase the body’s resistance, thereby increasing skin resistance.

7. Red bell peppers

     Is a very good source of vitamin C. Even the amount of vitamin C in red bell peppers is more than twice the amount of vitamin C in citrus fruits.
Peppers are also rich in beta carotene, a nutrient that not only boosts the body’s immune system, but also increases the skin’s natural resistance – the body’s special armor that helps fight off harmful agents. , especially pathogenic bacteria.

8. Papaya

     Also a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C. According to many studies, this fruit contains up to 224% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

     Not only that, papaya also contains papain, a digestive enzyme that has anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, this is also a source of potassium, vitamin B and folic acid, nutrients that play a very important role in strengthening the immune system for the body.

9. Types of shelled aquatic products

     Strengthen the body’s immune system because they often contain lots of zinc. Zinc is the micronutrients that our body desperately needs for immune cells to function optimally.

     The above are foods you should use in your meals to increase other resistance to this evil disease.

     Please share this useful information with friends, relatives, colleagues and the community to help everyone to prevent this disease!

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