The number of people infected with corona virus soared in China, Why?

The number of people infected with corona virus soared in China, Why?
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In the morning of the South China Post (SCMP) newspaper, a report from the Hubei Provincial Health Committee said that on February 12, China had an additional 248 deaths from the new strain of corona virus, of which 242 were in Hubei epidemic center. The number of new infections in Hubei also soared by 14,840, nearly 10 times more than the previous day.

The skyrocketing figures were reported just a day after China recorded the lowest number of new corona virus infections in two weeks, reinforcing expert predictions that the epidemic is about to peak and end in April.

Reuters quoted information from local officials said that the reason the number of new cases soared is because they began to expand the definition of people deemed infected by the latest direction from the central. The Hubei Health Committee began changing the method of calculating the number of cases since February 13, which will add clinical diagnoses and confirmed cases to the new cases.

“From today, we will include clinically diagnosed cases in the number of confirmed cases so that patients can be treated promptly,” the Hubei Health Committee said in the glowing release. Now, but do not provide more details about the new calculation.

If the new method is not applied, the number of new cases in Hubei on February 12 is just 1,508, lower than the previous day.

Last week, the Hubei Health Commission said it would soon begin using the results of a CT scan to confirm cases of corona virus infection, enabling the hospital to quickly isolate patients.

Previously, Hubei only confirmed cases based on RNA test results (ribonucleic acid) and it took several days to produce results, which slowed down the process of detecting and treating patients infected with the virus. new corona. Using CT scans to detect pneumonia will help patients have the opportunity to be treated as soon as possible, thereby increasing the chances of recovery.

Regarding the reason why the corona virus death toll soared in the latest statistics of Hubei Province, Reuters quoted expert Raina McIntyre, head of biosecurity research at Kirby Institute, New South University. “Assuming deaths in people diagnosed with the infection through CT scans but not through laboratory RNA tests, these cases also count,” said Wales in Sydney.

The lack of RNA test kits in the Wuhan epidemic in Hubei province has been blamed for delays in diagnosing patients with coronavirus, leading to rapid infection and reduced chance of treatment. treatment for patients.

Previously, patients were only diagnosed with rapid test tools while China was in serious shortage of these testing tools.

Global health experts warn that coronary disease may worsen before it is controlled. “This disease can go in any direction,” World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned yesterday.

Expert Dale Fisher, head of WHO’s Global Outbreak Warning and Response Network, warned that the outbreak in Wuhan could be nearing a peak, but elsewhere in the world may be “new”. begin”.

Country / Territory Number of infected people Dead
Trung Quốc 59805 1367
Nhật Bản 247 0
Hong Kong 50 1
Singapore 50 0
Thái Lan 33 0
S. Korea 28 0
Đài Loan 18 0
Malaysia 18 0
Đức 16 0
Việt Nam 15 0
Australia 15 0
USA 14 0
Pháp 11 0
Macau 10 0
Anh 9 0
U.A.E. 8 0
Canada 7 0
Philippines 3 1
Italy 3 0
Ấn Độ 3 0
Nga 2 0
Tây Ban Nha 2 0
Belgium 1 0
Thụy Điển 1 0
Nepal 1 0
Sri Lanka 1 0
Phần Lan 1 0
Campuchia 1 0

Statistics of people infected and killed by corona virus

(Source: SCMP & WorldOMeters)

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