The legend of Hoan Kiem Lake

The legend of Hoan Kiem Lake
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During the Minh Dynasty (a feudal dynasty of China) set up a yoke of domination in the South, they regarded our people as trash grass, did many tyrannical acts, and people hated them to the bone marrow. At that time in the Lam Son area, the insurgents rebelled against them, but in the early days the force was still weak so many times the insurgency was defeated. Seeing that, Duc Long Quan decided to lend the army a sword to kill the enemy.

At that time, in Thanh Hoa, there was a fisherman named Le Than. One night, the kidneys dropped nets in an empty dock as usual. When pulling up the net, he felt heavy, happy in his stomach, there must be big fish. But when he reached into the fish, the kidneys only saw an iron rod; he dropped it in the water, then dropped the net somewhere else.

The second time taking off the net also felt heavy hands; Unexpectedly, the iron rod just got into his net again. He picked it up and threw it into the river. For the third time, the iron rod was caught in the net. Strangely strange, Kidney brought back the fire. Suddenly he shouted:

– Ha ha! A sword!

the legend about HoanKiem lake
The fisherman, Le Than, pulled a net and pulled a magic sword

Ren later joined the Lam Son insurgent army. The ardent guy is not in danger. One day, General Le Loi and some others came to Kid’s house. In the dark hut, the iron that day naturally lit up in the corner of the house. Strangled, Le Loi took a look and saw two words “Thuan Thien” engraved on the sword. But everyone still does not know it is a treasure.

One day, being chased by the enemy, Le Loi and the generals fled their bodies one by one. While walking through a forest, Le Loi suddenly saw a strange light on the top of the banyan tree. He climbed to know it was a jeweled hilt. Remembering the sword at Le Than’s house, Le Loi pulled the hilt from his back.

Three days later, Le Loi met all of his friends, including Le Than. Le Loi took the story of catching the hilt of the sword and told it to everyone. When putting the sword in the hilt is just like printing.

Le Than raised her sword to her head and said to Le Loi:

– This is Heaven intended to entrust the work great. We vow to bring our flesh and bones with justice, along with this magic sword to repay the Fatherland!

Since then the morale of the insurgency has increased. In Le Loi’s hand, the magic sword spread throughout the battlefields, causing the Minh army to unleash. The prestige of the army resounded everywhere. They do not have to hide like before but rush to find the enemy. They did not have to eat as hard as they used to, they had storehouses for the enemy to rob them. The magic sword has paved the way for them to overflow, until there is no shadow of an enemy in the country.

One year after chasing the Minh enemy, one day Le Loi – now a king – rode a dragon boat around Ta Vong lake before the capital. On that occasion, Long Quan sent a yellow turtle to claim the magic sword. When the dragon boat came out in the middle of the lake, there was naturally a large turtle that stuck its head and shell out of the water. By order of the king, the boat slowed down. Standing on the side of the boat, the king saw that the magic sword worn by the man moved naturally. The golden turtle is not afraid of people, jumps its head higher and heads towards the king’s boat. He stood on the surface of the water and said, “Please send the sword back to the Duc Long Quan!”.

The golden turtle reclaimed the magic sword
The golden turtle reclaimed the magic sword

The king drew his sword and threw it toward the golden turtle. Quickly cutting, the turtle opened its mouth to grab the sword and dived into the water. Swords and turtles were sinking to the bottom of the water, people still see anything shining under the blue lake.

From there, Ta Vong Lake began to be named Sword Lake or Hoan Kiem Lake.

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