The laws that you need to comply in Hanoi

The laws that you need to comply in Hanoi
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The law is the basis for running the country in a good order so as not to fall into turmoil, every country has its own laws, Vietnam has its own laws. In fact, Vietnamese society follows Confucian ideology, so most Vietnamese laws are established and run in parallel with this ideology. So it will be very different for people living in Europe, America … but it is normal for Asians, with the countries following this Confucian ideology.

Therefore, to help you comply with the laws in Vietnam, this article will list the things that you need to follow to avoid violating the laws of the host country.

Here are the basic things that you have to perform properly when coming to Hanoi in particular and other cities in Vietnam in general.

Things you are not allowed to bring to Hanoi

When traveling to Vietnam in general and to Hanoi in particular, you must not bring the following things to avoid being sanctioned for violating Vietnamese law, specifically: Now which you recognise what now not to herald, here’s what you could’t carry out of Vietnam: weapons (Even rudimentary weapons like nunchaku, sword, dagger…), ammunition, explosive substances, military techniques system and effects; antiques; pills of all kinds; toxic chemical compounds; wild, or valuable, and rare animals and plant life;

For example, no guns, ammunition and explosive materials; no army gadget; no reactionary and “wicked” cultural products that could include T-shirts with a lager brand’s logo on it; no fireworks; no second-hand customer goods (yes, seemingly); no 2d-hand electric and digital household appliances; no goods that could purpose environmental harm; no 2d-hand spare elements; no waste and disposable substances; no money amounting to extra than $5,000 with out assertion; and, my non-public favorite: no children’s toys that may detrimentally influence a infant’s character, training, social order, protection or disturb the peace.

However, you are allowed to deliver no greater than 400 cigarettes, no greater than 100 cigars, no more than 500 grammes of tobacco, no greater than 1.5 litres of liquor at 22 percentage of volume and above (spirits) and no more than 2 litres of liquor under 22 percentage extent (beers and wine). So it’s not all that horrific, I bet.

Not to interfere in Vietnam’s internal affairs

Every country has its own right of determination, so too, when you come to Vietnam, you must obey the laws of the host country, you cannot bring the laws of your country to impose and compare comparable to Vietnamese law. Each country has different cultural characteristics, so its laws make it suitable to that culture, to help stabilize the security, political and social situation of that country.

When you come to Hanoi in particular or to other Vietnamese cities in general, you are not allowed to join Vietnamese anti-government organizations to destabilize the situation in Vietnam. If the violation is very serious, the offense will be expelled from the territory of Vietnam and banned from permanent entry into Vietnam, the worse case will be imprisonment, the worst is death. Therefore, you need to pay attention to strictly abide by this regulation.

Besides, you are not allowed to use the names and images of Vietnamese national heroes, leaders, celebrities of world culture to make jokes, defame, defame honor their. Violating this, the police will ask you and the Vietnamese community will ask and work with you. You probably know what the punishment would be like if you violated it?

In addition, you are not allowed to spread false information, talk too much about social instability issues in the Vietnamese community as well as foreigners in Vietnam, such as telling untruth about the situation of Corona virus infection… the police will ask you questions, then you will be fined depending on the severity of your behavior.

Follow the laws of your home country if you do not want to be punished.

Registration of temporary residence, temporary absence

Once you’ve set foot in Hanoi and you intend to stay somewhere in Hanoi such as: Hotels, motels, hostels, homestays … then you need to complete the procedure for declaration of temporary residence, temporary absence. For local authorities, this is mandatory for not only Vietnamese from other places, but also special requirements for foreigners.

Usually this declaration, you can ask the landlord, hotel owner, motel owner or department in charge of where you live to help you.

The declaration of temporary residence, temporary absence for foreigners or Vietnamese from other places to live in Hanoi will help the authorities understand the situation to serve the task of ensuring social security and order in the locality. Hanoi table. Failure to comply with this rule will cause you a lot of trouble, maybe even stay for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly implement this regulation.

Must have a license to work in Vietnam

Opposite to popular perception, it’s clearly technically unlawful to work in Vietnam on a visitor visa. You’ll want a complete-fledged work permit if you’re a overseas worker, and the most validity of one is years. The paintings permit is normally dealt with by the agency that hires you. To aid your software, you’ll need a diploma, a letter of referral from a reputable employer, proven enjoy in your area and a legitimate fitness check.

Establishing a company must apply for permission from the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment

To set up a business, to start a business in Hanoi, You need to follow a series of paperwork as prescribed by Vietnamese law, this work is conducted at the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.

Of route that goes with out saying for all groups, however we’re not just speaking about start-up capital right here. In line with Vietnamese law, you’ll need at the least US$30,000 in the financial institution earlier than you can get a license to start your very own business.

Now this could be a primary difficulty for begin-united statesand on line outlets who don’t want a lot money first of all, but that’s simply the way it’s far here. Of course, there are a few who begin their enterprise before registering and then pay after they have that quantity looked after out, however that is playing with hearth. All it takes is a jealous commercial enterprise rival and you’re in hassle.

Whilst planning your business, it’s exceedingly encouraged to ensure you’re in touch with a attorney nicely-versed with Vietnamese regulation who can recommend you on what to do and, if feasible, talk to a CEO within the equal discipline about his/her enjoy.

Not to work over the prescribed time

In step with Vietnam’s Labour Code added in 2013, you are formally now not allowed to work for one company for more than 48 hours a week. This quantities to a maximum of 8 hours an afternoon, or in case you don’t work normal, a most of 10 hours a day without being paid overtime.

If you are analyzing this now at eight:00 p.M. On a weekday to your office desktop, there’s a high threat you’re breaking the regulation. In other phrases, you must pass home now.

This regulation requires you to comply with employees in case you are the owner of a business. However, if you work for yourself, working overtime prescribed by Vietnamese labor laws is fine. Regulations on working hours of the Vietnamese labor code only apply to businesses.

Know the probationary period when working at enterprises in Hanoi

In accordance with the Vietnamese labor code, When you have just taken up a brand new activity, your probationary period can not exceed 30 days of employment with a function that requires professional or vocational qualifications and 60 days of employment with a function that calls for a college-level qualification or above and simply six days for all other instances. 

You’ll be paid a minimum of 85 percentage of that function’s official wage, so if you’re reading this and recognise you’re being shortchanged at your cutting-edge process, what to do!

In case you are the business owner, you need to strictly comply with this rule for employees in your company. Failure to comply with the provisions of the Vietnamese labor law will cause your company to be in a lot of trouble, even having to shut down without permission to operate in Hanoi in particular and the whole territory of Vietnam in general, not to mention You are also subject to criminal liability for your non-compliance with the laws of Vietnam.

Do not trade or use smile balls

Nitrous oxide, or N2O, should only be allowed to be traded and produced for industrial manufacturing and now not to be licensed for human use, the ministry said in a announcement on Wednesday.

The ministry said N2O turned into not included in the list of banned and restricted chemical substances for clinical use. At the equal time, it become yet to acquire any registration for drug or scientific device that required this gas.

Nitrous oxide is able to inducing emotions of euphoria because of its impact on the neurological device, and so can be used as a recreational stimulant. But overuse may additionally cause memory or sleep problems and a tingly sensation at the extremities, among other effects.

At the moment, nitrous oxide is still indexed as a chemical regulated by using the Ministry of industry and trade with sensible programs as an anesthesia in medicinal drug among its uses. Violating regulations relating to its production or sale could bring about fines of VND12-25 million ($515-1,070).

Do not take photos or videos at military facilities

For those of you into photography, or just like taking photos in standard, do take note that images of, or near, military installations is usually prohibited. You might get your camera confiscated and be subjected to some severe questioning. Also, why would you be taking images of navy installations inside the first area?

Any other huge no-no is taking photos all through demonstrations. In case you’re taking a picture of a non-kingdom sanctioned event, you’re unwittingly putting yourself right into a scenario of being part of the demonstration that can get you in critical trouble, in particular in case you’re a foreigner; we’re searching at potential detention or deportation. So just stay far from demonstrations, let alone take photographs of one.

Do not ride a motorbike carrying more than one person

This should be more of a common feel access than anything, however in case you’re on foot down the street and see a motorbike with an entire circle of relatives of four (and their canine) on it, it is illegal. According to Vietnamese law (and commonplace experience), it is illegal to have greater than humans sitting on a motorbike. Plus, you also need a licence with a view to power or experience a motorbike on the street, much like in each other u . S . A . In the global.

You should also note that when riding on a motorbike, you and the passenger must wear a helmet and bring all papers such as: identity card or passport, driver’s license, motorcycle insurance, governmental vehicle registration license. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in administrative penalties and vehicle impoundment depending on the fault you commit.

Besides, recently, Vietnam has also introduced a new regulation, if you drink alcohol, you are not allowed to drive a car or you will be severely punished. The penalty for this error ranges from VND 2 million to VND 8 million in case you drive a motorbike, and you have also lost your driving license for up to 23 months. So if you drink alcohol, don’t drive, you should take a taxi, grab or let your friend (who does not drink) drive for you.

Read more: Penalties for motorbikes and motorcycles violatings road traffic rules

Drinking beer or wine is not allowed if you are under 18 years old

According to the laws of Vietnam, you are only allowed to drink alcohol when you are 18 years or older. Therefore, if you are under the age, you absolutely must not drink alcohol or not give alcohol to people under 18 if you do not want to be punished by the authorities of Hanoi in particular and of Vietnam in general.

Besides, deliberately forcing people to drink alcohol also makes you severely punished.

Imprisonment for gambling or organizing gambling

Gambling or organize gambling in any form (offline or online), except in authorities certified casinos, is illegal in Vietnam. Absolutely everyone located to be in violation of this regulation is problem to steep fines and/or a excessive prison sentence. Get entry to to licensed casinos is confined to holders of foreign passports.

Do not take photos and distribute pornography

It’s miles illegal to import pornographic substances into Vietnam as pornography itself, consisting of the production, distribution and possession, are all unlawful in this us of a. Enforcement of this law in reality relies upon in your luck and the punishment varies between fines and detention. To be at the secure aspect, it’s higher not to be walking around lugging DVDs of the doubtful variety. The rationale at the back of this regulation is that pornography harms conventional Vietnamese values.

Absolutely do not use drugs

There seems to be a alternatively cozy and nonchalant attitude approximately drug usage in Vietnam. In the end, it’s no longer uncommon to trap a whiff of marijuana smoke wafting in the neighbourhood. However don’t be fooled – penalties for drug offences in Vietnam are extreme!

Under the Vietnamese penal code, a person stuck in possession of even a small amount of heroin can be sentenced to loss of life. There are truly foreigners in prison now serving lifestyles sentences or going through the loss of life penalty for drug trafficking, and Vietnamese authorities have tightened their stand currently against drug-associated offences.

Prostitution is strictly prohibited

This could surprise a number of you, however prostitution is actually unlawful in Vietnam! It’s very commonplace to peer women of the night canvassing for clients, although – typically male vacationers on foot on my own – and sometimes you’ll get the occasional shady-searching center-elderly guy on a motorbike asking you if you need a rub down. Yes, all those are unlawful and chargeable offences.

On a greater critical notice, the government is trying to crack down on sex-trafficking, mainly when it includes the underaged. Although it will take time to eradicate this because of the severa syndicates round, it’s far nonetheless a work in progress.

On a aspect note, I’ve observed a easy trick to comb away those pesky bikers who preserve harassing me for a massage – just yell “I’m gay” and watch them scoot off into the night time right away. You’re welcome.

Regulations of the Labor Code on maternity issues

If you grow to be pregnant, you are entitled to up to 6 months of maternity depart, with of those months marked as obligatory. You’ll get 100 percent of your revenue paid in the course of that time and in case you are sporting multiple toddler, you are entitled to take a further month of depart according to child.

Regulations on the age of marriage in Vietnam

According to the laws of Vietnam, men and women are allowed to get married only when men are full 20 years of age or older, women are full 18 years or older.

So when you want to get married in Vietnam, you need to ask your partner exactly what their age is? and you have to thoroughly investigate this issue.

If you marry or have sex with a person under the prescribed age, you are more likely to be charged with rape (even though your partner volunteered to do it with you) and so you will be imprisoned for a limited term. provisions of Vietnamese law. So with this you have to be very careful.

In case you are the employer, you need to strictly follow this rule with the employee so that you will not be penalized.

Real estate issues with foreigners in Hanoi

Ever dreamt of purchasing a pleasing plot of land to build a residence, or a three-storey mansion so you can sit down in your verandah sipping wine and reflecting on lifestyles? You may’t do it right here.

In line with Vietnamese law, you could buy a residence however not the land. So you can nonetheless stay that dream to shop for a residence, or a mansion, but the land wouldn’t belong to you and you will should rent it. Land leases in Vietnam ultimate a maximum of 50 years, after which you can renew the rent with out the hire being expanded. So yes, you may very own the property as long as you rent the land but you could’t personal the land.

This provision applies not only to foreigners in Hanoi but also throughout Vietnam.

Items which are not allowed to be removed from the territory of Vietnam

When leaving Vietnam, you absolutely must not bring the following to avoid being punished for violating Vietnamese law, specifically: Weapons, ammunition, explosive substances, military techniques gadget and results; antiques; pills of a wide variety; toxic chemicals; wood, logs, wood, preliminary processed timber of a wide variety; rotten materials; wild, or precious, and rare animals and plants; and money amounting to greater than US$5,000 with out maintaining it…

With antiques you need to keep in mind, let’s say you like a 150 year old vase in Hanoi and you want to bring it back to your country. Terrible information: you can’t bring it returned domestic. Properly, not until you get a permit from the Ministry of culture. It’s far unlawful to export antiques from Vietnam with out a allow, so your quality direction of movement is to talk to the ministry to get further advice on what you may do if you in reality like that vase and may already photo it on your living room again home.

Above are the laws that Vietnamese law stipulates, when you come to Hanoi in particular and other provinces in the territory of Vietnam in general, You need to strictly comply to avoid encountering unnecessary troubles. . In fact, there are many foreigners who fail to understand the regulations and inadvertently violate Vietnamese laws, in light cases they will be administratively handled, in severe cases they will be held permits, passports for a long time. , even jailed for those wrongdoings.

So to ensure you have an interesting trip in Hanoi, or have a good time to live and work in Hanoi, you need to strictly follow the above regulations.

Please share this useful information with your friends and community to help them understand the provisions of the law of Vietnam and to help them avoid unnecessary trouble.

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