The essential guide to your trip to Hanoi to be perfect

The essential guide to your trip to Hanoi to be perfect
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Handbook for Expats in Hanoi, Viet nam!
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In order to have a perfect vacation or a perfect vacation, you need to be prepared for a number of things that will guide you in turn to prepare what you need. come on.

Read this article for you to shape what you need to do before joining travel in Hanoi.


You can pre-set up a visa on arrival online but you run the danger of ready as much as 90 mins in Hanoi airport at the same time as the visa officers decide whose turn it’s miles to do some work. Better to get it taken care of before you go away, via your local embassy or travel agent.


Don’t book your flights too soon, however don’t go away it too overdue both. Airways tend to jack their fees up six months before the travel date, slowly carry them down until to three weeks earlier than travel, then start to improve them again.

Sword Lake The symbol of Hanoi people


While you do book, first-rate alternatives from Hong Kong may be determined at these vendors:

Air Asia:

Dragon Air:

Cathay Pacific:

Hong Kong Airlines:

Vietnam Airlines:


Hanoi cabs are cheap and pretty decent. A experience into city from Noi Bai airport expenses round VND 375,000 ($17) and a ten-minute experience in-metropolis round VND 30,000. Your inn might also arrange a pick out-up and drop-off service from and to the airport.

Maximum reputable cab groups are Taxi CP (+eighty four (0)four 3826 2626), Hanoi Taxi (+eighty four (0)4 3853 5353) and Mai Linh Taxi (+84 (0)four 3861 6161).

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Scooter taxi

The satisfactory manner to revel in the frenzy and blur of day by day Hanoi lifestyles, just make certain you are geared up with a helmet. And as they don’t have meters make certain what you’re paying earlier than you spark off. A regular 10-minute journey should cost round VND 11,000-17,000 ($0.50-0.75).


Are inexpensive nonetheless, VND 7,000 ($0.25) from the airport to the antique region, but they received’t take your bags until you offer a small “baggage charge.” on the town a trip prices a well known fare of VND 7,000.

coffee in Hanoi
A cafe near Hoan Kiem Lake is the favorite place for many foreigners

Travel buses

Are less expensive: VND 45,000 ($2) from the airport to the old sector, but drivers may additionally try to influence you into staying at “their cousin’s motel” with the aid of saying a typhoon in Halong Bay method your preferred hotel is still full. Don’t accept as true with them.


Everywhere gives guided excursions, but considered one of our favorites is an innovative idea from a pupil-run NGO: Hanoi youngsters excursions. The concept is for tourists to get a taste of the town with the aid of being proven round through neighborhood kids. You can contact them by email: hanoikidsvn@gmail.Com;

Verbal exchange

Most locals communicate a few phrases of English, but don’t expect it. You may attempt your success with a Vietnamese word e-book, however it’s a tonal language and so your pronunciation won’t be pretty up to it. Nice guess is to rent a private excursion manual or simply wing it with the global language of wild bodily gesticulation.


Coins is king and coins dispensers are anywhere. Worldwide ATMs encompass HSBC and ANZ bank however many have a maximum withdrawal of VND 1.1 million ($50). In case you need more head to the ANZ ATM near Hoan Kiem Lake, which has a restriction of VND 10 million.

hanoi history
A beautiful and idyllic street of Hanoi


There are round 22,000 Vietnamese dong to one Dollar, so don’t freak out while the bar tab comes alongside. U.S. Greenbacks are also extensively universal.


Vacationers are constantly counseled to get themselves blanketed towards the maximum common diseases, such as: Hepatitis B, tetanus-diphtheria and typhoid. Also clever to take anti-malarials in case you’re spending lengthy intervals outside the important urban regions or travelling inside the warm and humid months.


An insupportable blend of warmth and humidity inside the summer season (June-August) attaining 40 C, a pleasant bathe-splashed spring (March-might also), a splendid on foot-in-the-park-every-day fall (September-November) and a cold but humid winter (December-February).


There’s a wide range of lodging in Hanoi. Right here are a few select options:


Especen resort, 28-38 Tho Xuong St. And 41 Ngo Huyen St., Hoan Kiem; +84 (0)4 3824 4401; especen@gmail.Com. New rooms, properly provider.

Hanoi Backpackers’ Hostel, forty eight Ngo Huyen St., Hoan Kiem; +84 (0)4 38285372; Email: info@hanoibackpackershostel.Com. Aussie-run hostel.


Joseph’s hotel, five Au Trieu St., Hoan Kiem; +84 (zero)four 3938 1046; www.Josephshotel.Com; information@josephshotel.Com. Loose wireless, secure rooms, first-class carrier, properly located.

Hanoi elegance Emerald, 85 Ma might also St., Hoan Kiem; +84 (0)4 39263451; Email: reservation@hanoielegancehotel.Com. New boutique inn on quiet road.

Top class

Sofitel Metropole Hanoi inn, 15 Ngo Quyen St.; +84 (0)4 3826 6919; Email: sofitelhanoi@hn.Vnn.Vn. Grand, historical, historical past-listed and sumptuous.

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake, 1A Nghi Tam, Tay Ho; +84 (0)46270 8888; Email: Reservation.Hanoi@ihg.Com. Lake-side suites with non-public balconies.

hanoi at night
Hanoi is peaceful when night falls


You may’t come to Hanoi and no longer eat pho ga (hen noodle soup). In truth, you could’t keep away from it. Different “cuisine” together with cobra blood wine and dog meat get written approximately plenty, but aren’t commonplace and are typically prevented with the aid of locals.

Some amazing eateries well worth checking out:

Verticale, 19 Ngo Van So St., +84 (zero)4 3944 6317; www.Verticale-hanoi.Com. French-Vietnamese fusion.

Cam Chan Quan, 108 K1 Giang Vo St., +84 (0)123 259 7696. Singapore-orientated fare

La, 25 Ly Quoc Su St.,, Hoan Kiem;+eighty four (zero)4 928 8933. Western bistro.

Joma Bakery Café, 21 Dien Bien Phu, & 54 To Ngoc Van. Fairtrade organic café.

La Badiane, 10 Nam Ngu, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem; +eighty four (zero)four 3942 4509. French experimental.

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You could’t come to Hanoi and now not locate your self as a minimum as soon as sitting on a tiny plastic seat that feels like its about to buckle underneath you sipping on a mild beer in a frosted glass. Hanoi’s bia hoi are approximately ingesting beer, and that’s it. Satisfactory to arrive at five p.M. As they generally tend to run out of beer around eight p.M.

Other bars you may take a look at out encompass:

Tet Bar, (at the northern end of Ta Hien avenue). Loud rock.

Nola, 89 Ma may also St. Friendly and secure

Sundown Bar – InterContinental Hanoi Westlake, 1A Nghi Tam, +eighty four (zero)four 6270 8888. Stylish sunset views.

ta hien beer street
Ta Hien Beer Street – an ideal place to visit in Hanoi in the evening

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Numerous famous visitor sports include Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum/Museum, the Hanoi Hilton prison (formally called Hoa Lo jail), Thang long Water Puppet Theatre and “inexperienced” city tours on electric powered carts. They’re all really worth a peek, and you can do a majority of these in a single afternoon.

Don’t leave out the night market in the antique sector, from 7 p.M. On Fridays and Saturday. More approximately walking around aimlessly than buying.

And make certain you take a look at out long Bien bridge, an first-rate spectacle bolted together by way of history.

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Hanoi’s old sector is covered with various fashion stores, memento stalls, snack and trinket dealers. However if you’re looking for an air-conditioned mall enjoy head for the Vincom town Towers where you’ll discover luxurious brands, a cinema and a colorful gaming area. Vincom metropolis Towers, 191 Ba Trieu St., Hai Ba Trung.


When Hanoi human beings flow they have a tendency to do it on scooters. And in case you anticipate a destroy inside the glide of scooters whilst seeking to go the road, you can omit your flight domestic. Stroll out with intent, and they will avoid you. We promise.

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If scooters are the most obvious Hanoi excellent, internet cafés come not a long way in the back of. They’re anywhere. All resorts have connections too.

Don’t bother with

The only-pillar pagoda. A hut on a cement column is just a hut on a cement column, no matter how antique.


If Hanoians aren’t consuming beer, they’re ingesting espresso. Test out Café Pho Co, a café hidden at the back of a domestic hidden in the back of a memento shop, and one of the great places to get a view across Hoan Kiem Lake. 11 hold Gai, Hanoi; +84 (0)four 3928 8153

Don’t be scared

Hanoi can overwhelm you, however that’s what’s remarkable approximately it. Strive the whole thing, go everywhere, and if you do get lost, bodily or mentally, just ask a person for help. A grin can solve whatever on this town.

Take a photo

You’ll be tempted to snap away at the whole lot so photogenic is Hanoi, in particular the old region. But many locals locate it rude to be photographed, especially the older ones, so be polite and ask first.

korean read
Korean Harbor is beautiful and dreaming – is an ideal place to check in at night in Hanoi


Whilst Hanoi human beings move they tend to do it on scooters. And in case you watch for a spoil inside the flow of scooters while seeking to pass the road, you could leave out your flight domestic. Walk out with rationale, and they will avoid you. We promise.

Day trips

Journeys out of Hanoi are without problems organized via resorts or tour dealers. If you want to test out Halong Bay (and also you must) spend a night on a ship there too. It’s too far for getting there and again conveniently in in the future and this manner you could discover a few fantastic caves and do some kayaking too.

Or take a ride to the fragrance Pagoda 60 kilometers away. It’s a extremely good way to get a few fresh air and sit back out on a boat journey for an afternoon.

For a longer getaway, keep in mind a ride to Sapa for some days. You could travel the 350 kilometers from Hanoi by way of educate and minibus and it has a few exceptional mountain treks. Hiring a manual is crucial.

The above are the most necessary instructions that you need to prepare and follow to have a smooth or perfect trip in Hanoi.

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