The 20th infection of COVID-19 in Vietnam

The 20th infection of COVID-19 in Vietnam
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     On the afternoon of March 7, the Ministry of Health confirmed one more positive case of corona virus was a man from Thai Binh, he returned to Vietnam from the Covid epidemic hot spot in South Korea, he was isolated in Ninh Binh immediately. upon entry.

     This afternoon at 3:00 pm on 7/3, Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, announced the test results positive for new Covid-19 patients.

     This is a male patient N.V.T, 27 years old, he is from Thai Binh, he arrived in Daegu on February 17, 2020 and returned to Vietnam on flight VJ981 from Busan to Van Don on March 4, 2020.

     He is one of the passengers traveling with flight VJ981 from Busan to Van Don isolated after entering Vietnam on March 4.

     Before returning to his home country, the patient was in the Daegu City area, South Korea with his younger sister. The patient then had his sister and 2 other friends went to the supermarket twice on February 18 and 19.

     The patient’s two friends have returned to Vietnam on February 26 and are currently being isolated at Son Tay Military School, Hanoi City.

     On February 29, the patient started to have a dry cough and a sore throat, but he did not have a fever. The patient did not take the medication but only monitored himself and did not go out during this time until he returned to Vietnam.

     On the morning of 4/3 the patient and his sister went to Busan International Airport to return to Vietnam. Upon landing at Van Don airport at 11:15 am on the same day on flight VJ981, after completing entry procedures to Vietnam, he and all passengers on the flight were transferred to the isolated isolation area of Military school, 1st Corps, 19 th ward, Tân Bình city, Tam Điệp city.

     Go to the isolation area, after screening, sampling and sampling at 20:00 the same day the patient was transferred to the isolation area for people at high risk.

     For two days 5/3 and 6/3 the patient was awake and had no fever, he had a cough and sore throat. At 1:30 on 7/3, the patient was transferred to an isolation ward of Ninh Binh General Hospital for follow-up and treatment.

     Immediately after receiving information about this positive patient case, Ninh Binh Center for Disease Control has sent 3 quick response teams in coordination with functional agencies to conduct epidemiological investigations, they conducted make a list of close and related patients in the quarantine area; They transported patients to Ninh Binh General Hospital for treatment, and they also transferred 11 people with close contact and directly include the patient’s sister and 10 people in the same room in the isolation area to Tam Diep Medical Center and Hoa Lu District Medical Center.

     Currently, the Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control Covid-19 is implementing measures to control and prevent the risk of spread.

     Thus, since the last case of Covid – 19 was released from the hospital on February 26 (out of 16 former cases), Vietnam has recorded two more cases of new corona virus infection, bringing the total number of Covid cases – 19 in Vietnam to 18 people.

     In particular, the 17th case, also the first case in Hanoi urban, is a young girl on Truc Bach Street (Hanoi) who was identified as infected after a trip back to Europe.

    At the end of the afternoon today, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam confirmed two more cases of COVID-19, these two patients, one being a driver for N.T.H patients at 125 TrucBach Street, the other patient. is the Uncle of N.T.H patients These two are said to have contacted patient N.T.H as soon as she returned to Vietnam earlier. Currently these two people are being treated at a central tropical hospital.

    So far, the total number of COVID-19 infections in Vietnam has reached 20 people.

     Assessing the evolution of the disease, leaders of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam said that up to now, the Covid – 19 epidemic is still under control. People should not be bewildered, worried and strictly follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Vietnamese authorities to join hands to prevent the disease.

     Vietnam and Hanoi will have all facilities ready, especially in treatment, to do well in treatment, avoid and prevent deaths from Covid-19.

     For the health, safety of yourself, your family and the community, please follow the recommendations made by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Especially for foreigners in Hanoi, you need to comply with the regulations of the host country on the prevention and control of COVID-19 virus.

     Hanoi and Vietnam adhere to the general recommendations of WHO, but at the same time use Vietnamese methods and practices that are appropriate to the circumstances, climate and practical situation in Vietnam.

     Failure to comply with this disease prevention will result in appropriate penalties in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

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(Source: Vietnam Ministry of Health)

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