Temporary visa exemption for eight European countries

Temporary visa exemption for eight European countries
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     Vietnam will temporarily unilaterally suspend visas for eight European countries including Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, England, Germany, France and Spain. This is the next measure in COVID-19 prevention effort in Vietnam.

     Along with the unilateral suspension of visa exemption for 8 European countries, Vietnam will also temporarily not send officials to study or work abroad, except in special cases permitted by the Prime Minister. 

     This is the direction at the Government of Viet Nam Standing Committee on COVID-19 prevention. Previously, Vietnam had temporarily stopped visa exemption for Korean citizens from 0h on February 29 and Italian citizens from 0h on March 3 when these countries broke out the COVID-19 epidemic.

     Currently, tourism businesses still do not know the specific time to implement the policy of suspending visa preferences with 8 European countries. As a result, travel companies are concerned that European tourists may be stuck at the border if this policy changes abruptly.

     On March 9, several travel companies exploring the European visitor market said they had received a notification from the Immigration Department to stop accepting European tourist visas, which meant that European visitors wanted to enter. In the immediate future, Vietnam must conduct visa procedures in the host country.

     Representing a company specializing in organizing tours for customers in the European market in Vietnam, they said their business is organizing tours for forty different European tour groups in Vietnam. As planned, they will have an additional seventy groups of guests, they are mostly French guests coming to Vietnam to travel in March 2020.

     European delegations are still planning to visit Vietnam in March and April, however, given the current outbreak and the news that the Government will stop visa exemption for travelers from 8 EU countries. , their businesses have been working with partners, they are ready to cancel the tour when the official rules apply.

     “Businesses are contacting partners to inform the situation, prepare a plan in advance. Normally we inform now that it will take at least the next two days for customers to receive news. To avoid last-minute management. , we also informed the airline should cancel the tour to Vietnam until the end of the epidemic, “the representative of this travel company added.

     A representative of another travel agency in Ho Chi Minh City said that they had served a group of thirty-nine people from Poland, who took part in the journey across Vietnam on the MICE tour, they will end the tour on 9-3, most tourists in the group are first to Vietnam. According to the schedule, the delegation visited Cu Chi, My Tho, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Ha Long and Hanoi.

     To organize tours during the time of translation, tour operators in Vietnam must actively coordinate with the local authorities in timely updating of practical information on destinations and making appropriate adjustments. suitable for travelers.

     According to tour operators in Vietnam, in the context that the country is struggling to fight the epidemic now, the psychology of fear of losing the union or declining sales no longer makes sense. The priority issue is to handle procedures for guests who have flown and are about to fly, they do not allow guests to get to Vietnam airport and get stuck because of the visa. While sending guests back is even more taboo, that will create a bad image for Vietnam tourism.

     “Yesterday the decision to suspend visa exemption for Italian tourists was quite sudden, this decision is applied during the day, our business must explain to partners, customers, tour cancellation without penalty. Vietnam is against the epidemic, so it must be strictly observed, “said a director of a tourist business whose Italian tour was canceled in February 2020. 

(Source: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam)

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