Special flight back to Hanoi

Special flight back to Hanoi
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     This afternoon (July 29), a flight carrying 219 Vietnamese from Equatorial Guinea landed at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, including 140 people infected with Covid-19.

     All passengers on the flight had no problems during the 12-hour journey from Bata (Equatorial Guinea) airport to Noi Bai.


     Aviation authorities said that since the outbreak of Covid-19, this is the first time Noi Bai airport has been chosen to deploy a flight to welcome Vietnamese citizens infected with Covid-19 from Equatorial Guinea because special reasons.


     After landing, the aircraft parked in a separate position. Ambulance quickly took the heaviest patients to leave the airport by window 7 and moved to the 2nd Central Tropical Hospital in Dong Anh, Hanoi.


     The rest of the passengers carried out on-site immigration and epidemiological disinfection procedures to minimize the risk of epidemic spread, then they were able to board the cars of the Capital army unit and they moved. to the 2nd Tropical Hospital for treatment and isolation.

     The flight service process is tight and convenient to “clear” passengers as quickly as possible, and ensure the operations at the airport are normal.

     After guests leave, the parking area, aircraft, car lifts, operational vehicles are completely disinfected.

     Earlier, on the flight leaving Hanoi to Equatorial Guinea at 7am on July 28. All Airbus 350 crew and interior are protected with special medical protection, with the highest epidemiological requirements.

     It is known that this is an unprecedented flight of Vietnam on the journey Hanoi – Equatorial Guinea – Hanoi, lasting nearly 30 hours. The flight did not enter the country but turned round to take the round trip right after the completion of the pick-up.

Perhaps this is the most special flight not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. The flight is expected to return covid19-infected patients who are returning to their motherland overseas. A noble gesture of the Vietnamese nation that no other country has ever done.

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