Six places to visit Hanoi in the evening

Six places to visit Hanoi in the evening
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Once you have arrived in Hanoi, you will ask yourself where in the evening in Hanoi should I go to travel and enjoy dishes with a strong Hanoi identity?

Below is a comprehensive list of Hanoi tourist attractions in the evening that you can refer to for your trip:

Hang Buom culinary quarter

This neighborhood is only operated at night, opening hours: 19h30 and closed at around 0 o’clock every day from Friday to Sunday. The food here is quite diverse and quite delicious, most of them are Northern specialties so it is very interested and loved by customers near and far.
This neighborhood belongs to the Old Quarter in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. This can be considered as the first choice in the journey to explore Hanoi in the evening when you have the opportunity to Hanoi.

try food and drink in Hanoi at night
Enjoy delicious food and drink at Hang Buom food street

Dong Xuan Market

This market is located in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. It is the largest and most famous market in Hanoi. Especially, it is only open in the evening, so you can take advantage of this place to visit and shop.

Dong Xuan Market
Dong Xuan Market in HoanKiem district, Hanoi

At the market, there are quite a lot of items, from household items, fabrics, beautiful and luxurious clothes to delicious food, famous specialties of Ha Thanh are also sold at the market for you. Looking to enjoy, experience.

Dong Xuan marketing at night
At the market, there are many items for you to come and take photos and shop

Ta Hien beer street

Every time the dark comes, this Ta Hien beer street is bustling, most of them are students, workers as well as tourists from other countries come to enjoy the fun atmosphere. fresh, excited and great beer with special dishes of Hanoi people here.

ta hien beer street
Ta Hien Beer Street in HoanKiem District Hanoi – an ideal place to visit in Hanoi in the evening

There are many types of beer sold here, in which grass beer is the most delicious and famous beer.

ta hien beer street food
Here sell quite a lot of delicious beer and special dishes for you to enjoy

In addition, the cuisine at Ta Hien beer street is also quite diverse with many delicious and attractive dishes, which can be followed by pancakes, rice vermicelli or grilled quail … for you to enjoy with beer.

Korean Harbor is beautiful and romantic

Korea Harbor is located in Tay Ho District of Hanoi and adjacent to the West Lake – One of the beautiful places of Hanoi.

Korean Harbor in the evening has an extremely beautiful and romantic space. Possessing fresh air with cool breeze, the Korean port is an ideal place for playing and dating of young people, small families as well as couples who love and play. chat together.

korean read
Korean Harbor is beautiful and dreaming – is an ideal place to check in at night in Hanoi
korean read at night
Korea Harbor when night falls

Royal City – famous commercial center in Hanoi

Royal City is like the city of Royal, it is located on Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi

If you want to find the most famous shopping centers in Hanoi in the evening to have fun and experience, Royal City is definitely the ideal place for you. Royal City space is quite large, the layout creates extremely luxurious and modern. There are also many interesting games for you to find, such as ice skating, water park games or good movies at international standard cinemas.

royal city
Royal City is very beautiful and luxurious at night

In addition, Royal City also has a food court, which sells a lot of delicious food, Hanoi specialties for you to enjoy.

Opera House in Hanoi

Hanoi Opera House area is quite beautiful, is an ideal place to gather, dating for near and far friends, especially at night, the scenery here is beautiful and extremely attractive.

Hanoi Opera House is an old architectural work in the capital, the interior layout is quite modern and this is often where interesting activities as well as unique art programs for you. experience.

Opera House in Hanoi
View outside the big theater area in Hanoi in HoanKiem district, Hanoi

The above are six extremely interesting places that you need to experience every time you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi, especially to stay in the evening.

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