Regulations on ATM withdrawal limits of all banks in Vietnam

Regulations on ATM withdrawal limits of all banks in Vietnam
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In Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general, paying with cash is the same old. Motels, hotels, some travel agencies and only the extra costly eating places take delivery of credit score cards, there are few locations that be given bills with the aid of credit score card.

With low most withdraw quantities in Hanoi plus transaction prices, those fees can quick absorb a great part of your journey finances. This is why you may read right here what the best ATMs are in Hanoi and a few pointers for withdrawing cash.

1. Regulations on cash withdrawal in Vietnam

Consistent with Vietnamese law, ATMs are only allowed to difficulty Vietnamese Dong (VND), even in case your account is at the beginning in Euro, dollar or different currencies. The quantity of cash which you want to withdraw is mechanically modified out of your own currency to VND primarily based at the financial institution price calculated at that point.

2. Where can you find ATMs in Hanoi?

Cash machines can be located everywhere in Hanoi. You will find them on mainly around the traveller areas. Coins machines in Hanoi are to be had 24 hours an afternoon, 7 days per week, so you can go to a cash gadget at any time. Use Google Maps to locate the closest ATM or find a financial institution on Google.

Although most ATMs receive one-of-a-kind varieties of cards, together with master Card, Visa, Union Pay and JCB, bear in mind to test the symptoms at any ATM that indicates which playing cards they be given. You don’t need your card to get stuck.

Note: ATMs aren’t refilled in the course of Tet (Vietnamese New year). It’s far possible that ATMs emerge as empty in the course of this era.

3. Regulations on withdrawal limits at Vietnamese banks

The rules concerning the most quantity of debit playing cards in Vietnam and the withdrawal costs for each transaction vary from financial institution to financial institution, however ATMs from nearby banks have a fairly low most withdraw quantity in step with transaction as compared to worldwide banks.

Because of the frequent occurrence of card data theft, banks set a relatively low limit on ATM withdrawals from only a few million to a maximum of 100 million a day to help minimize risks for customers. Although sometimes it also makes customers inconvenient when they want to withdraw large amounts of money.

Each bank will have an ATM limit for each card. The limit can range from several million to 100 million.

ATM withdrawal limit is the maximum amount you can withdraw each time or the maximum amount you can withdraw from an ATM card in a day.

Each bank has regulations on withdrawal limits of each card. Therefore, when registering to open a card, you should ask the counselor carefully to choose the card that best suits your transaction needs.

Below is a summary of ATM withdrawal limits of some banks in Vietnam:

3.1. ATM withdrawal limit at Vietcombank

– The most popular card of Vietcombank is Vietcombank domestic debit card connect24.

Maximum limit for one-time withdrawal: VND 5 million (applies to all 3 classes of standard, gold and special cards.

Maximum daily withdrawal limit: 50 million.

>> Maximum Vietcombank transfer limit of 2 billion dong.

3.2. Cash withdrawal limit at BIDV ATMs

BIDV also stipulates the limit for withdrawing money for each separate card line:

– Domestic debit card:

BIDV Harmony Card: maximum withdrawal limit of VND 70 million / day, maximum number of withdrawals / day at BIDV ATM.

BIDV eTrans Card: The maximum daily withdrawal amount at BIDV ATM is 50 million, the maximum number of daily withdrawals is 20 times.

BIDV Moving Card: The maximum daily withdrawal amount at BIDV ATM is 50 million, the maximum number of daily withdrawals is 20 times.

 International debit card:

Maximum withdrawal limit / time: VND 5 million, maximum daily withdrawal limit: VND 100 million (YoungPlus limit card), 200 million (regular limit card), 400 million (Platinum card).

3.3. ATM withdrawal limit at ACB’s ATM

– Prepaid cards:

Visa Extra Prepaid Card: maximum withdrawal limit of VND 5 million each time, VND 30 million per day.

Visa Platinum Travel card: maximum withdrawal limit of VND 10 million / time and VND 30 million / day.

– Domestic debit card:

Maximum cash withdrawal limit of 5 million / time and 40 million / day.

– International debit card:

Visa Extra Debit card: maximum limit for cash withdrawal at ATM is VND 5 million / time and VND 50 million / day.

Visa Debit / MasterCard Debit From: maximum withdrawal limit at ATM is 5 million / time and maximum 40 million / day.

Visa Debit / MasterCard Debit Chip: up to 5 million / day and up to 40 million / day.

Visa Platinum Debit card: maximum withdrawal limit of 10 million VND / time and 100 million VND / day.

3.4. Cash withdrawal limit at Agribank’s ATMs

According to current regulations, the limit for withdrawing money at an Agribank ATM is prescribed as follows:

  • Maximum amount for one withdrawal: VND 5,000,000;
  • Minimum one-time withdrawal amount: VND 50,000;
  • Maximum withdrawal amount of 1 day: VND 25,000,000 (no restriction on the number of withdrawals).

If you want to withdraw more than VND 25,000,000 a day, you will have to go directly to Agribank branches or transaction offices where the card is issued to perform.

3.5. Cash withdrawal limit at Techcombank ATMs

If you own a Techcombank card and wish to withdraw money at an ATM, you can withdraw up to the following limit:

  • Maximum withdrawal limit for each time is 5,000,000 VND and the minimum amount is 20,000 VND / 1 time.
  • Daily cash withdrawal limit at ATM is VND 20,000,000.

The withdrawal limit is set to ensure financial security for customers in case of card loss. So when you need to withdraw a larger amount, you can go directly to the transaction office and branch of Techcombank to perform.

3.6. Withdrawal limit at Vietinbank ATMs

– Domestic debit card:

  • Vietinbank E partner C-card: maximum withdrawal amount / time 5 million, maximum withdrawal amount / day 50 million;
  • Vietinbank E partner G-card: maximum withdrawal amount / time 10 million, maximum withdrawal amount / day 50 million;
  • Vietinbank E partner Pink-card: maximum withdrawal amount / time 10 million, maximum withdrawal amount / day 45 million;
  • Vietinbank E partner S-card: maximum withdrawal amount / time 5 million, maximum withdrawal amount / day 30 million; 

– International debit card:

Vietinbank Visa Debit 1Sky: maximum amount of ATM withdrawals is 30 million (standard card), 100 million (yellow card);

3.7. Cash withdrawal limit at VPBank ATMs 

  • VPBank AutoLink domestic debit card: Cash withdrawal limit: VND 20,000,000 / day; VND 2,000,000 / time;
  • VPBank MasterCard MC2 International Debit Card (MC2 Debit): Cash advance: VND 30,000,000 / day;
  • VPBank MasterCard Platinum (Platinum Debit) international debit card: Cash withdrawal limit: VND 30,000,000 / day;

3.8. Withdrawal limit at Sacombank’s ATMs

  • Credit card withdrawal limit: 50 million (domestic credit card), 20 million (classic card), 100 million (Gold, Platinum card);
  • ATM withdrawal limit of payment card: 100 million (domestic card, classic class), 250 million (Gold card), 500 million (Platinum card class);
  • Prepaid card: VND 20 million / day (domestic card), 100 million international identification card;

4. Regulations on fees for each withdrawal at banks’ ATMs

On the time of debit card, transaction expenses are also charged from commonly an amount among 40,000 VND (~ USD 1.5) to 100,000 VND (~ USD 4). You may most effective keep away from those prices by using taking coins machines out of your bank or choosing banks which can be related to your financial institution. Lamentably, you will no longer locate many overseas banks in Vietnam. There is no Vietnamese financial institution that allows customers to withdraw money from overseas accounts without spending a dime.

  • Vietcombank: transaction costs VND 50,000;
  • Agribank: transaction costs VND 22,000;
  • BIDV: transaction costs VND 30,000; 
  • Sacombank: transaction costs VND 0,000; 
  • Citibank: transaction costs VND 55,000;
  • ANZ: transaction costs VND 40,000; 

Note: You do not need to lose 4 dollar for paying most effective forty dollar. This is 10%. Select ATMs from overseas banks with a better most withdrawal quantity to limit the overall expenses that you need to pay and to avoid having to visit the ATM too often to withdraw cash in Vietnam.

5. Instruction to withdraw money from an ATM

You can make a withdrawal at the ATM of the bank where the card is issued or from the ATM of another bank. However, when withdrawing money at an ATM other than the bank, you may have to pay a higher withdrawal fee and must comply with the bank’s limits.

Steps to withdraw money from an ATM:

Step 1: Insert the card into the slot according to the instructions of the ATM.

Step 2: After the card is put into the slot on the screen, the cardholder’s name and language notification will appear. Click on the language and continue to trade.

Step 3: Continue to enter password and press “enter”;

Step 4: If the password is correct, a menu of transaction options will appear on the screen. You want to make a transaction, then click on that transaction. In this case, click on “withdraw”;

Step 5: Start choosing the amount you want to withdraw by entering the amount you want or choose the amount that ATM suggests.

Step 6: After entering the amount to withdraw you press enter. If you need to print an invoice, continue to make your selections according to the device’s notice. If not, you can opt out of printing invoices.

Step 7: Wait for the card from the original card slot.

Step 8: Receive money from the slot below.

Please note that when the amount exceeds the bank’s ATM withdrawal limit, the machine will notify that the transaction has failed. At this point you will need to go back to the original step and proceed to select a smaller amount in accordance with the bank’s regulations.

Above is information related to regulations on cash withdrawal limits at ATMs of banks in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general.

Hopefully this information will help you a lot when you travel, live and work in Hanoi.

Please share this information with your friends, colleagues, relatives and community to help them not be surprised when they want to withdraw money in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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