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Hanoi city - Vietnam
DichVongHau subdistrict- CauGiay district
44 alley TranThaiTong street


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Project team leader, #57

Project Team Leader is responsible for closely monitoring the schedule, scope and budget of the project. Project Team Leader coordinates all functional aspects of project team initiatives – Requirements Management, Design, Development, Quality Control, and 3rd party vendors – to ensure that requirements are met and exceeded. Project Team Leader carries out this responsibility by motivating and guiding project teams while collaborating with internal/external clients throughout the software development process until project completion.


Address 8 Le Trung Nghia, phường 12, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh

County: Hồ Chí Minh

City: Ho Chi Minh

District: 70000

Working time: 8h30AM -5h30 PM

Number of workers: 40

Years of experience: 4

Job submission link:

Last submission date: 17/Jul/2019

Employer details: None

Views Counter: 29


Level 1

  • Coordinate all aspects of a project management and ensure smooth project execution, delivery of quality software products, and client is satisfied with the work that project is doing
  • Plan the project (estimate, staff, risk management, training, software development plan, etc.)
  • Allocating work and resource (people, equipment, facilities, materials, etc.) for the project team
  • Manage resources, staffing, skill sets transferring, and recruiting of the project
  • Monitor and control projects
  • Communicate project status and issues to management (Delivery Manager, CEO) and client
  • Developing team spirit, motivating and building morale; dealing with problems
  • Mentor and provide guidance to project members
  • Make presentation/white papers for new initiatives
  • Take responsibility for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving the process compliance of each corresponding department


Level 2

  • Participate in the recruitment when necessary
  • Participate in pre-sales meetings and marketing events when necessary Authorities
  • Approve the performance, career path for the subordinate

Check appropriate software/hardware purchases and other project items

  •   Not limited by time  
  •   Not limited by time  

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