People with covid19 in Vietnam are all young

People with covid19 in Vietnam are all young
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     According to the Ministry of Health of Vietnam recommends, everyone is at risk of Covid-19 if the outbreak in the community. The number of cases of Covid19 in Vietnam at the present time is mainly the cases of infiltration and international students returning home.

     During the past time, the evolution of Covid-19 in Vietnam was quite different.

     Firstly, with the cases of penetration if Vietnam previously only recorded cases from China and South Korea, now detected in all countries: Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asian countries, all There have been cases of entering Vietnam.

     The number of positive test cases soared in recent days is due to Vietnam managing the number of people who enter the airport. Most of the flights back to Vietnam were discovered by health workers who were positive on those flights.

     Secondly, there has been a spread in the community, such as at Bach Mai Hospital (Hanoi), these cases are not cross-contagious within the hospital. According to the investigation, a previous nurse had returned to Con Dao, medical staff as well as ordinary people.

     Vietnam cannot manage all of the initial cases (F0). The number of people coming from abroad to enter is very large.

     Therefore, the important issue is that in addition to detecting cases of intrusions, health workers and authorities should detect cases early in the community, strictly manage them, and prevent outbreaks into large outbreaks.

     In Vietnam, the elderly are not infected much, mostly young people because most of them come back from countries with COVID19 epidemic. The majority of cases currently being international students … Some countries such as China, Italy … record the number of cases in the elderly is due to outbreaks in the community. In Vietnam, there is currently no sign of outbreak in the community.

     What Vietnam authorities are most afraid of is an outbreak in the community. So anti-epidemic measures should be taken resolutely. The goal is to detect positive cases both externally and internally.

     Everyone is at risk of the disease, such as the elderly, or children, young people, etc. However, elderly people and people with pre-existing conditions can experience more severe symptoms and are more likely to die.

     To prevent COVID19, Viet Nam’s Ministry of Health warns that people are not subjective and neglected, especially in the current period. People need to strengthen preventive measures because there has been a case of infection in the community.

     Previously, the number of cases was small, most of them were from outside, the risk of transmission was lower. However, at the present time, people should refrain from traveling, not going to the street and going to crowded places if not really needed. People do not gather in large numbers.

     Elderly people should not go outside, do not take the bus if there is nothing.

     People need to limit going out, especially the elderly, people with pre-existing medical conditions.

     In addition, people need to strictly implement preventive measures such as wearing a mask when crowded, washing hands with soap or disinfectant solution several times a day, not putting hands on their faces …

     People are not bewildered but not subjective. Everyone needs to calmly implement measures to prevent and combat COVID19 for the health of themselves, their families and the community.

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