Penalties for motorbikes and motorcycles violating road traffic rules

Penalties for motorbikes and motorcycles violating road traffic rules
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Operators, people sitting on motorbikes and mopeds who commit violations of road traffic rules may be sanctioned for such violations.

Article 6 of Decree 171/2013 / ND-CP stipulates penalties for administrative violations in the field of road and railway traffic: “Sanctioning operators, people sitting on motorcycles and motorbikes ( including electric motorbikes), vehicles similar to motorcycles and vehicles similar to motorbikes violating road traffic rules.

1. A fine of between VND 60,000 and VND 80,000 for one of the acts The following: 

a) Failing to obey the order, the instruction of the signboard, the road mark, except for the violations prescribed at Point a and Point d, Point h, Clause 2; Point c, Point d, Point h, Point o Clause 3; Points c, Point d, Point e, Point g, Point i Clause 4; Points a and c, Point d, Clause 5; Point d, Clause 6; Point d, Clause 7 of this Article; 

b) There is no signal for overtaking before passing;

c) Do not keep a safe distance to collide with a vehicle in front of you or do not keep a distance as prescribed by the sign “Minimum distance between two vehicles”; 

d) Redirecting without giving the right to go ahead: Pedestrians, wheelchairs of people with disabilities crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing; rudimentary vehicles are on the road for rudimentary vehicles…

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