Hanoi – the hidden beauty when night falls

Hanoi – the hidden beauty when night falls
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If one day you come to Hanoi and can’t sleep, you can walk out to the street to hear the Hanoi night, to see a Hanoi in the old calm appearance.

Hanoi at night is the most beautiful! If one day you come to Hanoi and can’t sleep, you can walk out to the street to hear the sound of Hanoi breathing night, to see a Hanoi in the old calm appearance. In those nights there was a quiet, true nature in the life of a living.

Hanoi is in a hurry, rush. Sometimes I was swept away by the haste itself, did not have enough time to stop and look at the ancient beauty of 36 streets and Thang Long thousands of years of civilization. So want to see the beauty of ancient Hanoi must wait until the night, when there is no traffic jam, stuffy in the car horn.

What places can Hanoi visit at night?

hanoi at nightGo wherever you like, go through familiar streets to see how quiet Hanoi night is. Then visit the lake (Hoan Kiem Lake) and walk along the old town.

If in the day you have not realized the old houses, the old streets, at night you will be looking at delight. In addition to the lake and the old town there are Ba Dinh square, West Lake, Opera House, Ngo Quyen Street, Long Bien Bridge, Quang Ba Flower Market, Long Bien Night Market … many other places for you to visit.

hanoi at night
Dinh Tien Hoang Street, the section in front of Ngoc Son Temple 2am.

Where are Night restaurants in Hanoi?

I don’t know many nightclubs in Hanoi, there are a few places below that I’ve prepared myself during the trip.

– A row of night-bar shops next to Dong Xuan market

– Pho Pho 27 Hang Ngang (sold from 3am to 5am)

– Chicken noodle with crossroads at Hang Bo and Luong Van Can (5pm – 11pm)

– Hang Dau Fish Vermicelli (Open 24/24)

– Xoi Yen (sold from 5am to 1pm)

In addition to the above addresses, near the night market there are rows of porridge, noodles, pho … You can find something to warm the stomach on the road.

A few things to keep in mind when hanging out in Hanoi at night

Going around at night is very interesting because then the road is yours, your street, everything is yours. But there are also things you need to pay attention to:

– The most convenient means is a motorbike, remember to refuel because it is difficult to find a gas station at night. If you don’t have a motorbike, you should get a bike. Bicycling does not need to be sent, so it is convenient to take it anywhere.

– To be safe, you should not go alone, at night you may meet people who are not very decent, thieves, robbers, addicts … You avoid the dark places, do not stop long in the empty places lest anyone do not decent look back. That night I met some people who were not decent, but kept seeing them as I took my things away.

– Wear warm, bring identification, do not bring much money and valuable items (phones, jewelry …): this is just a precaution, I go without problems but to avoid the bad it’s best not to bring valuables. At night, you can meet the mobile police to ask for your ID, remember to bring your ID card and car papers.

hanoi at night
Ba Dinh – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum was quieter after the flag-raising ceremony.

My journey started at 9pm, the first destination was Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum with the intention of seeing the flag down. Unfortunately, I was late, so I arrived late and the flag-raising ceremony ended. If I want to see it, I have to be here at 8:30, when the flag-raising ceremony ends Ba Dinh square.

After arriving at Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, I stopped for a visit to Thanh Nien road along West Lake.

This time around 10 o’clock at night. The streets are still crowded, especially the part along West Lake.

HoangDieu street at night
HoangDieu street

I went back to HoangDieu street, the passage in front of the General General’s house. The day I arrived was 49 days of the Great Wall, and there were many candles outside the fence. The candlelight of the candle light in the wind, sometimes a few people passed by looking back into the house in search of something that could not be called. Hanoi starts at night.

HoanKiem lake at night
The intersection of Hang Bong, Hang Ngang and Dinh Tien Hoang streets

Back to Hoan Kiem Lake, about more than 11pm. Around this time the lake was empty, but there were still a few young couples by the benches and groups of people exercising late at night. Hanoi was really at night.

Parking a car near the big church and walking around the lake, I went up to Dinh Le and Trang Tien streets. No more shops, no tourists, no street vendors. The city has gone to sleep.

I am standing in another Hanoi, quieter and more casual. It’s hard to meet a Hanoi like this.

Crossroads 4 Hang Bac Street, Ta Hien peaceful

Leaving the old town, I went back to Long Bien to find Quang Ba flower market on Au Co street. The rain started to get heavier and heavier.

Quang Ba Flower Market 236 Au Co street bustling from early morning

This is the first time I came to this market, when I arrived at the right time when I was hungry, I turned to a nightclub at the gate of the market. After finishing the hot, delicious bowl of pho at the market gate with a very affordable night price (VND 30,000), I was full of energy.

The first time I saw this flower market, so many kinds of flowers. Looking at it for a while, I still could not find all their beauty.

The vendors at the Quang Ba market are very gentle. When I came here, I was prepared to receive scolding and chasing … but they were very comfortable when I took pictures.

LongBien bridge at morning
LongBien bridge at morning

Leaving the flower market at 3:45, I returned to the vegetable market in Long Bien. After 2 years, I have returned to this market. Perhaps this is the busiest place in the city at night.

The labor here is mostly female, I was entangled in the footsteps of the street vendors for 2 years before accidentally coming to this market at 4am.

It is very easy to recognize the women who work as porters here. Slim, sick body, old working clothes, raincoats, torn hats. They seem ready for tonight – a cold rainy night.

Market toad at the foot of the long bridge in the early morning
Market toad at the foot of the long bridge in the early morning

The story of Hanoi one night in early winter, it was so beautiful with drizzle, but for me I am sure it will be even more wonderful. So one day, when you arrive in Hanoi, you should try walking street experience at night. Then you will find these images even more awesome and interesting.

Come to Hanoi now! Hanoi always welcomes you!

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