Hanoi has the 4th case of COVID-19

Hanoi has the 4th case of COVID-19
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     On the morning of March 8, Vietnam’s Ministry of Health confirmed that Covid case – the 21st in Vietnam was a passenger traveling from the UK to Vietnam with a girl on Truc Bach Street (Hanoi).

     Accordingly, about 19:00 on 06/03/2020, the Centers for Disease Control in Hanoi through female epidemiological investigation of NHN patients (hereinafter referred to as patient No. 17) in Truc Bach ward – Ba Dinh – Hanoi recorded 01 case of sitting near a row on a flight with her showing signs of suspected illness. They took samples and transferred the patients to Central Tropical Hospital 2.

     The patient is N.Q.T (For delicate reasons we do not specify patient’s name), male, 61 years old, in Truc Bach – Ba Dinh – Hanoi was the one sitting near the row with Patient N.H.N.

     The patient’s result is positive for SARS-CoV – 2 virus strain; 

     As such, this is the third case of Covid infection associated with the 17th patient (Truc Bach ward), this is also the 21st case of Covid – 19 in Vietnam.

     This is also the 4th case of COVID-19 infection in Hanoi.

     The two previous cases of Covid – 19 were close contacts of patient No. 17, including a private driver who took her from Noi Bai airport to his home, the second was the uncle of the 17th patient. , he shared a house to look after her when she was sick.

     According to epidemiological investigation, young girl N.H.N. (26 years old, working as a hotel manager in Truc Bach ward, Ba Dinh district) leaving Noi Bai airport to visit family members in London (UK) on February 15. As of February 18, N.H.N. from London to Milan (Italy) travel.

     On February 25, Sister N. traveled to Paris (France) for one day and she met her older sister here – this sister had information that she was infected with Covid-19. On February 26, Sister N. returned to London.

     On February 29, Ms. N. showed a cough but did not go to the clinic. By March 1, Ms. N. showed signs of fatigue. On the same day, March 1, Ms. N. took a flight with flight number VN0054 of Vietnam Airlines.

     The plane landed at Noi Bai airport at 4:30 am on March 2, she did not have a fever, she was driven by the family’s private car to take home at Truc Bach Street, Ba Dinh District. However, when she returned home, she had a low fever, so she took the initiative to isolate herself in a private room, she wore a mask and limited contact with family members. On March 5, she had a fever of 38 degrees and went to Hong Ngoc Hospital (facility 55 Yen Ninh), then she was transferred to Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases No. 2 in Dong Anh, when she was married. Covid test results at 7pm on 6/3.

     Currently, a patient sitting close to the girl on the plane has been identified with Covid – 19.

     Regarding the mechanism of the spread of Covid disease – 19, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Tran Dac Phu, former Director of the Preventive Medicine Department, Ministry of Health of Vietnam said that the case that appeared in Hanoi was in the scenario. In case of invasive disease, returning from abroad, we can manage close contact cases or contact through nearby contacts.

     If they are in close contact within 2m, they may be infected. In the case of a patient wearing a mask, the probability of droplets coming out is less and the possibility of infection is limited. On airplanes with ventilation.” and disinfection, so the transmission in aircraft will be more limited than that in the community, “Associate Professor Phu said.

     In fact, the World Health Organization has also recommended that, in case of an airplane case, the governing unit only needs special medical isolation for people in the front and back seats.

     Currently, many localities have found people traveling with flight VN0054 from England to Vietnam with the girl (17th patient) to conduct health and isolation monitoring, including Quang Nam with 33 cases, Ho Ho Chi Minh 20 cases, Da Nang 6 cases (had negative test results).

     Of the 21 cases of Covid – 19 in Vietnam, 16 were cured. 5 newly diagnosed cases, including young men from Deagu epidemic area (Korea) to Vietnam, were found to be ill while in intensive isolation; Hanoi girl flying from England to Vietnam; 2 cases of infection from this N. girl and the man sitting near the airplane seat.

     Although Hanoi has 4 cases of COVID-19 so far, don’t worry. Please calmly implement measures to prevent and combat this virus COVID-19 according to detailed instructions of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

     Vietnamese people have the phrase “Prevention is better than cure“. Therefore, when going out, you should wear a mask, regularly wash your hands with bactericidal water as recommended by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

     Absolutely do not spread, distort the news causing public confusion, fear. If you violate this, You will be dealt with very strictly according to the provisions of Vietnamese Law.

     At present, the information source is considered to be the official source which is transmitted on the news program of VTV channels or on the website of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

     BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN, COMMUNITY’S HEALTH, Please strictly follow the laws of Vietnam.

(Source: Vietnam Ministry of Health)

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