Handbook for Expats in Hanoi

Handbook for Expats in Hanoi
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Handbook for Expats in Hanoi, Viet nam!

     To help you not to be surprised when coming to Hanoi and to help you have a good travel, vacation, and business process in Hanoi, we share you a set of handbook for foreigners in Hanoi to help you solve these problems if above.

     You should click on the corresponding heading to see the content of each item.

1. The essential guide to your trip to Hanoi to be perfect;

2. The law that you should know to comply in Hanoi;

3. Hanoi’s History;

4. The most attractive places to visit in Hanoi;

5. Six places to visit in Hanoi at night;

6. Seven cafes that you can’t ignore when you come to Hanoi;

7. List of best places to eat in Hanoi;

8. Eight best places to rent motorbike in Hanoi;

9. List of best international hospitals and clinics in Hanoi;

10. List of international schools in Hanoi;

11. List of Hairsalon in Hanoi;

12. Regulations on ATM withdrawal limits of all banks in Hanoi;

13. Best place to change currency in Hanoi;

14. How to find jobs and work in Hanoi?

15. Tips for Expat in Hanoi;

16. How to post Ads or sale things for other exparts in Hanoi?

     In the process of traveling, studying and working in Hanoi, if you have any impression about Hanoi, please send your article to us at the email address: HanoiDiscover36@gmail.com to Share the best values and better support other foreigners!

     On behalf of other foreign friends in Hanoi, Thank you!

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