Graveyard streets must only exist in Hanoi

Graveyard streets must only exist in Hanoi
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     Hanoi has many beautiful streets and many landscapes, along with it there is a special street where the living and the dead live together. Perhaps this is a special city that can only be in Hanoi.

     If you have the opportunity to go to Alley 88, Giap Nhi Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City, you will see many tombs located next to the people living there. If they were not brave people, they would not dare to live in this place.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 13

Dozens of tombs are scattered among houses at Lane 88, Giap Nhi Street (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City).

     Giap Nhi Street has quite a lot of alleys, going deep inside Lane 88, you will see a small cemetery with dozens of tombs between crowded residential areas and high-rise houses.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 01

     These tombs are not only located within the grounds of the cemetery but also scattered in many corners, and in very … strange places.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 08

     Two tombs are located right in front of the houses in lane 88 of this street. People who have lived here for a long time, said that the graves are from the original families in Giap Nhi village, they have been there since they were fields.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 03

     Over time, people came here to live more and more, therefore houses were built, so vacant land was no longer replaced by a densely populated neighborhood adjacent to graves.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 04

     In this cemetery street, there is a large tomb in front of a three-story house. The entrance to this house is narrower than the width of the tomb.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 05

    In this graveyard street, it is normal for the House of the Living and the “House” of the deceased to be facing each other. People here are quite familiar with this life, so they are not afraid to live with “the dead”.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 06

     Even businesses are close to the graves of the dead, but not so that sellers and buyers do not find each other. They still live and perform normal transactions. The living still perform the beauty works, and the dead have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the living.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 07

     In this Graveyard street, there are many tombs in front of the houses where the people live. But all activities of the people are normal, right next to the tomb. They have nothing to fear. They live in harmony with the dead.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 02

     In this graveyard street, there are tombs inside the residence of the living house, next to it is a tomb right next to the entrance. This is really an interesting thing in this small and special street in Hanoi.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 10

     This graveyard street exudes a special look when there are quite a few tombstones located right at the entrance.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 11

     In this particular street, many small alleys are considered small cemeteries with more than a dozen tombs here.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 12

     People in Giap Nhi Street are familiar with the image of tombs right next to the house, the children also play right next to the cemetery without being afraid of fear. Many still innocently drink beer and enjoy the food right next to the graves of the dead.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 14

     If you are a brave person, you should once experience exploring this neighborhood. Certainly there will be many interesting things that you get when visiting this graveyard neighborhood. Surely both the living and the dead welcome you. They will treasure and like you. Try thrilling experiences at this graveyard street when you have the opportunity.

Graveyard street in Hanoi 18

Map of Giap Nhi Street, Hoang Mai Dicst, Thinh Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

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