Does Vietnam hide the Covid epidemic?

Does Vietnam hide the Covid epidemic?
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     Currently, there are some foreigners who do not believe that Vietnam has contained the Covid-19 epidemic, which they believe Vietnam is secretly hiding. This fact is causing psychological confusion, insecurity in the community.

     The trend of people accessing informal, unproven and unscientific information about Covid-19 epidemic on social networks is spreading. In a press conference held by the Ministry of Health on February 25, in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Vu Manh Cuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Communications and Commendation (Ministry of Health) mentioned the issue and affirming that Vietnam is trying to be one step ahead in the battle against Covid-19, there is no hidden epidemic.

     No hiding is the most basic principle of Vietnam in the prevention of Covid. We exist in an open, closely linked world, openness, transparency, no hidden epidemic are a prerequisite to repelling the disease with the power of the whole community.

     This principle is actually implemented or not is a question many people are asking. Mr. Manh Cuong said: Along with 2 centers at the Pasteur Institute, Ho Chi Minh City and the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, about 1 year ago, 2 emergency response public health office offices were opened at the Pasteur Institute. Trang and at the Tay Nguyen Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. These centers are operated by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health in collaboration with the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

     Accordingly, all information about the disease is updated and made public to the world. All experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam work closely, share information and attend all disease-related meetings of the offices responding to medical events. public health (EOC). The disease is epidemic in Vietnam but it will be monitored by the whole world.

     In addition, Vietnam has applied the anti-epidemic principles of Covid -19 one step higher than the international one. At the end of the year when an epidemic broke out in China, Vietnam’s northern border bordered China, so the risk of the disease could invade at any time, in that situation, Vietnam took the initiative to apply. Anti-epidemic measures 1 step higher than WHO recommendations.

     Specifically, the application of medical declarations at airports; zoning for epidemic monitoring; transmitting warnings about the risk of transmission of Covid-19 … Vietnam has followed the WHO recommendations. Thanks to that, Vietnam has been proactive in controlling the epidemic, successfully treating infected cases, preventing the epidemic from spreading in the community, and not letting infected doctors.

     From the perspective of a professional, Dr. Truong Huu Khanh, who runs the Infection Department, Children’s Hospital 1, Ho Chi Minh City, said: “I got asked by a lot of people, including my colleagues about Covid- 19, whether the health sector or a larger institution than the health sector hides or conceals information. I assert, there is no story hidden, when there are cases need isolation just look to know because the people involved must wear protective gear.

     Many people believe that being unable to track patients outside of the hospital is not true. If there are infected people outside the community, there will be respiratory symptoms, of 100 people with respiratory disease will have some seriously ill, some need to go to the hospital for examination. However, in fact, the situation of respiratory diseases in hospitals is very low, a reduction of about 50% could be due to the prevention methods, hand washing done popularly in the community or not. to respiratory illness season.

     There were no cases in the hospital, where did they say that they had gone out in the community? Are the sick people at home self-healing? I have tried to explain to everyone that no one is hiding and cannot hide, but more and more people are asking about whether the government has hidden the epidemic, whether the health sector hides it or not.

     Currently, there are many foreigners who believe that Vietnam hides the COVID-19 virus outbreak. They believe that the fact that their friends are teachers teaching at schools in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general has to quit teaching, students and students have to quit school because of this disease. And they think that is a way for Vietnam to hide the COVID-19 virus outbreak. They were wrong. Teachers and students are absent from school is one of the ways to prevent and avoid this virus. This is also a measure agreed by the government, people and the Vietnamese community. It was also one of the recommendations that WHO later made.

     What do you think, if it is in a pandemic, if someone is infected with the COVID-19 virus then Vietnam will not be able to manage and it will be like the situation of China.

     Therefore, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and the Vietnamese government have made satisfactory decisions to join the entire people in taking the most effective measures to prevent and avoid this dangerous disease.

    To prevent COVID-19 disease for yourself and the community, when you come to Hanoi in particular and to other provinces in general, you need to follow the regulations and guidelines of this disease prevention. rights and authorities of Vietnam.

    Over time, The representative of the Department of Communications, Emulation and Reward Ministry of Health recommends to the community, to avoid the bewildering psychology from the lack of verifiable information, the lack of scientific basis or fake news, people need access to official information. on translating Covid-19 from Vietnam and internationally.

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