NgocSon temple – Hanoi’s cultural heritage

NgocSon temple – Hanoi’s cultural heritage
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    Ngoc Son Temple is an ancient temple space in the heart of the Blue Sword Lake. Prominent on the sky is a wonderful pen tower forming a unified architecture of Thien – Nhan, evoking so many voices imbued between people and nature.

Ngoc Son Temple – Spiritual Spiritual Culture Space in the Island

     Built in the early 19th century, the historical relic of Ngoc Son temple was originally known as the Ngoc Son temple (Nho word: 玉山), then changed to Ngoc Son temple because in the temple of the literary goddess of literature was Văn Xương Đế Quân and worshiping the hero who destroyed the Yuan army in the 13th century were Hưng Đạo Đại Vương Trần Quốc Tuấn.

     Ngoc Son Temple up to now has undergone many name changes, rebuilt starting from King Ly Thai To relocating the capital to Thang Long, he named the temple Ngoc Ngoc.
Then in the Tran Dynasty, the temple began to be named Ngoc Son.
By the time of the Le Dynasty, Trinh Giang Lord built Thuy Khanh palace on the old Ngoc Son temple ground. At the end of the Le Dynasty, Thuy Khanh palace was destroyed.

     Tin Trai – a philanthropist at the time used the old Thuy Khanh bow, creating a new temple, named Ngoc Son pagoda. Over the years, the temple was ruined. A few years later, Tin Trai’s son ceded the temple to a charity.

     The charitable association proceeds to repair and remove pagoda bell tower and renovate the temple to worship Van Xuong De Quan

     In 1865, the grape house of Nguyen Van Sieu made a remodeling of the temple and gradually got a face like today. Ngoc Son Temple has just been repaired to build more soil and build stone embankments around. The most remarkable point was when he also built Tran Ba ​​communal house, north of a bridge from the East bank to go to the temple, called The Huc bridge. On the left of the temple, he built Dai Nghi. East of Ngoc Boi mountain, he built Pen Tower, creating a perfect body.

     The architecture of Ngoc Son temple not only represents education and literature but also serves as a peaceful cultural space, evoking a sense of harmony between people and nature.

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