8 Motorbike Rental Locations In Hanoi

8 Motorbike Rental Locations In Hanoi
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Hanoi is developing a motorbike rental service, but a safe and quality Hanoi motorbike rental is one thing that you need to consider because not all motorbike rental addresses in Hanoi are reputable, Cheap.
This article will summarize the best motorbike rental places in Hanoi to help you make the best choice when renting a motorbike to travel in Hanoi.

To explore the beauty of Hanoi in the most active and free way. The motorbike is extremely suitable means. Those who travel to Hanoi by train, bus or plane, if they want to travel around Hanoi at a modest cost, should rent a motorbike instead of taking a motorbike taxi or taxi.

In fact, all hotels in Hanoi have motorbike rental so please contact the hotel receptionist to give a list of motorbikes for you to choose. There are a number of hotels with motorbikes available for tourists to rent so they will let you see for yourself and choose the motorbike you like.

However, there are some hotels that do not have motorbikes available, so they will call the car rental company to bring them and you will only be selected in the list of such vehicles, so it is unlikely that they will bring your motorbike. like. So if you want a good, safe motorbike, please go to the following motorbike rental addresses in Hanoi:

1. Address for renting motorbike in the old town area

Van Chinh Motorbike Rental ==> Address: 24D Ta Hien, P Hang Buom, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Phone: 0989595533 Shop for renting scooters, new model cars from 80k / day to 250k / day. The company offers many different models such as: Honda cars (Wave, Sirius, Attila Victor, Novo 3). Scooters (Airblade, novo LX, Attila Elizabeth, …)

Van Chinh motorbike rental is quite good, the quality of motorbike in Van Chinh is always highly appreciated by users. Renting a car depends on the type of car, the brand, and the new car. Normally when renting a car here, the price ranges from 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND / car / day. There are many types of cars and car brands for you to choose such as number car (wave, jupiter …), scooter (Sym, lead, …). At this motorbike rental in Hanoi also offers a variety of vehicles suitable for you to go to some locations near and far from Hanoi with your group.

The rental procedure of Van Chinh Motorcycle Rental is also very simple and neat. You only need to bring your identity card or passport, a driver’s license and a small deposit. Van Chinh motorbike rental also provides on-site delivery service such as hotel, bus station, pier, old town. For areas far from the center, you will have to pay a delivery fee of 15,000 – 30,000 VND depending on the distance you will move. If you rent a car past the prescribed number of hours, how will the store charge you? VND 25,000 / first hour from the second language, priced at VND 15,000 / hour, is the excess charge for motorbike rental of Van Chinh motorbike rental. Car rental rates may vary depending on when you arrive.

2. Address for renting motorbike in Long Bien District

Motorbike Rental Nguyen Tu ==> Address: 112 Nguyen Van Cu, Bo De, Q, Long Bien, Hanoi Tel: 0942467674.
Nguyen Tu provides many models for your choice such as digital car (Wave, wave S, Rs ware). scooter (Click, Calssico …). Prices depend on the new car, model and model range from 100,000 VND – 130,000 VND for 1 day rental. If you rent a long day the price will be a lot cheaper. The average rent for a month is about 1,200,000 VND.

To rent a car in Nguyen Tu, you must deposit your identity card or driver’s license or passport and the deposit fee ranges from VND 2,000,000 – VND 4,000,000. Deposit refund after using the service. You also do not need to go to the car rental place, the shop will deliver the car directly to you for free (in the inner districts of Hanoi). New and good quality motorcycles.

3. Locations for renting motorbikes at Gia Lam Bus Station

Cong Tan motorbike for rent ==> Address: Near Bo De Street, about 700 meters from Gia Lam bus station. Phone: 0857255868

If you want to find a cheap motorbike rental address in Hanoi in Chuong Duong area near Gia Lam bus station, Cong Tan motorbike rental service is the right address for you. Car hire here is also reasonable like most other stores in Hanoi. The rent here ranges from 100,000 VND – 150,000 VND / day / motorbike. The longer you rent it, the cheaper the rent.

Motorbike rental Cong Tan also provides a vehicle delivery service, simple and fast car rental procedures. The quality of the car here is also quite good. However, in our opinion, you should still check the car thoroughly before receiving the car to avoid having to use a used car or a poor quality car. Procedures for renting a motorbike of modern motorbikes include the following documents: Identity card (passport), household registration, driving license, an additional small amount to deposit.

4. Motorbike rental location in Cau Giay District

Base for rent cheap motorbike ==> Address: 31A, Duong Quang Ham, Quan Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi (Near the transportation university).

The store specializes in providing 2 models: digital motorcycle (Yamaha sirius 110cc) and scooter (Honda Air Blade 125cc). Motorbikes for rent here are synchronized on brand, style and quality. Motogo’s motorbike is quite new, the quality is good, the car is running smoothly, saving fuel Motorcycle rental service and fast delivery of motorbikes. Enthusiastic service staff. Renting a motorbike here is also extremely economical with money. The price of renting a motorbike here is 120,000 VND / motorbike / day, 2000,000 VND / motorbike / day is for scooters. The procedure for renting a motorbike is also extremely fast.

5. Cheap motorbike rental address in Ha Dong District

Anh Tan Motorbike Rental Shop ==> Address: 36 bt7 19/5 Street, Office, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Ha Dong (Near Mo Lao urban area, near An Ninh University).

With a professional, thoughtful motorbike rental service and quality assurance similar to new motorbike, the address will deliver the motorbike to customers and carry out the motorbike rental procedure quickly, ensuring from Consulting process until customers return cars will always feel satisfied. To rent a motorbike, you will have to deposit 1 to 3 million with your identity card or passport.

Vehicles here are provided with full vehicle documentation, car insurance, borrow 2 free hats, rescue service cards, car repair tools. Stores posted a fixed price and committed not to increase prices on holidays.

The price of renting a car here is also extremely economical with money, the price of renting a car here is 120,000 VND / motorbike / day, 200,000 VND / machine / day is for scooters.

6. Reasonable address for renting motorbike in Dong Da District

Loc Motorbike ==> Address: 1096 Lang Street, Dong Da, Hanoi (near the crossroads of Cau Giay district and smooth roads).

Loc motorbike is a company specializing in car rental with a staff of professional, enthusiastic and thoughtful. Originating from those who love to travel, Loc Motorbike always tries its best for customers to enjoy the best travel on quality and safety motorcycles. Surely you will be satisfied with the high-durability hand tapered cars, simple car rental procedures and the best rental price on the market today of Loc motorbike. To rent a motorbike here, you are required to deposit from 1 to 5 million depending on the type of vehicle and must be responsible for any breakdowns and damage of the car during the rental period. So you should check the car thoroughly before deciding when to rent any car. Prices depend on the new car, model and model range from VND 100,000 – VND 150,000 for one day rental.

7. Bon Bon Moto – address for renting a SH car in Dong Da district

Address: No. 6, alley 127 Quan Tho 1 (246 Ton Duc Thang) – Dong Da – Hanoi.

Bon Bon Motor is the next high-end Hanoi motorbike rental unit you should know. With good quality motorbikes, professional services and quick working procedures, the motto of Bon Bon Motor is to bring safety and satisfaction to customers on each road, surely you will be satisfied. from the quality of each car to the service attitude of caregivers.

Not only providing popular cars such as wave, jupiter, honda cup … but Bon Moto also serves rental of high-class cars such as SH, liberty … All cars before delivery to customers are carefully checked. increasingly, depreciation and replacement of new cars quickly do not use the old car. Because customer safety is the most important, Bon Bon Motor not only invests in every vehicle but also provides customers with quality helmets from 500,000 to 700,000 VND, with caps up to 2,000. 000 vnd. All helmets are rented free of charge when renting a motorbike here.

8. Motorbike rental location in Noi Bai Airport

ANH DUONG HOTEL: Address: 10 Vo Van Kiet, Dien Xa, Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi. Phone: 0246684528

When you come to Hanoi, you will not encounter any difficulties or obstacles in renting a motorbike to serve the freedom of traveling and exploring the capital.

But at Noi Bai Airport, the rental of motorbikes only takes place at the Hotel, Motels, they only let guests transit at their motels, not for retail customers outside.

So if you need to rent, you should call them first, because they will probably have cars and leave you. When you go to the airport to ask for a rental, you are not sure if there is a car for you to rent, because the number of cars is very small.

With a motorbike, you can see and enjoy and enjoy Hanoi from small alleys to big streets and suburban gardens. Depending on your needs, you can find suitable quality scooters, scooters, clutches, or electric bicycles.

Motorbike rents often range from VND 70,000 to VND 250,000, depending on the type of motorbike and the short or long term lease.

Above are the addresses for renting a motorbike with reasonable and guaranteed price in Hanoi. Rental rates may change over time and are subject to individual rental regulations.

Feel free to leave a comment or assess the quality of service at these motorbike rental points so that you can know and have the best choice when renting a motorbike to travel around Hanoi!

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